Peer Advocates


Mission Statement

By taking on the role of Peer Advocate, I understand that I am making a commitment…

To advocate for myself and my peers,

To represent the Peer Advocate Program as well as myself, by practicing the essential life skills learned in training,

To respect ourselves and the rights of others, To act responsibly and be a part of the solution, not the problem,

To practice active listening,

To direct my peers to various resources in the school and community,

To seek out those peers who may not know how to ask for help,

To show patience and empathy concerning the feelings, beliefs, and differences of others,

To avoid judgment and accept others as they are,

To challenge myself to grow and model inner strength,

To be aware of my own emotional needs and challenges, and

To ask for help when I need it myself.

We’re also currently recruiting for the 2015 Fall training.
Students interested should start attending monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month. For more information contact Marie or Andrea at (860) 669-1103.