The Clinton Youth & Family Service Bureau works to improve the quality of life, health and safety of Clinton youth and families by providing a range of services including counseling, intervention and referral services.

Tailored to meet the ongoing, ever-changing needs of our community, the Clinton Youth and Family Services Bureau responds to local issues, concerns and problems as they arise quickly and efficiently. We seek to support Clinton parents and the community-at-large by delivering needed services and by disseminating new and critical information to help parents and other adults to highlight and tackle youth-related problems.

For those seeking personal assistance, we provide counseling at a nominal cost.

We are an integral part of the community, providing valuable resources for youth, adults, families, and the community. We work closely with schools, businesses, local government and faith-based organizations to promote our vision in keeping Clinton a healthy, stimulating environment for kids.

Youth and Family Service Bureaus are an important part of Connecticut’s effort toward making our children safer and healthier by making informed lifestyle choices. In Connecticut’s 169 towns, there are currently 124 Youth Service Bureaus. Those towns with Bureaus provide services critical toward improving the health and well being of our families and youth. We do not duplicate services of other agencies, rather we offer additional research-based programs designed to meet each communities’ specific needs.

Tailored to meet the needs of our community, The Clinton Youth and Family Services Bureau is poised to adapt quickly its ever changing needs and react quickly to new and critical information that parents need.

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